Nancy Kangas – Giant Poetry Sundial –  2nd Grade

Collaboration with the OSU Design School and Jeff Haase.

In this highly interactive residency, Columbus native, Nancy Kangas comes to Grandview. She’ll be engaging RLS students with poetry games, and questions about poetry game design. The students will write poems by finding the sense and nonsense in randomly connected words. Making art (and writing poems) requires us to experiment and play and this residency we’ll experience and celebrate a playful approach to writing

sundial poem

Nancy has always enjoyed the merging of forms — mixing poetry with theater, photographs, and animation. And now, she will have a chance to create poetry sculpture. Collaborating with Jeff Haase, from the OSU design school, she will turn the 5columns into a poem generating sculpture. Sunlight and shadow will be part of the game, along with a lively batch of nouns, verbs, and adverbs chosen by the students – to create a sundial that tells the time and reveals three-word poems.

Upcycling with Debbie Brod

Invisible Inks with Kate Gorman

21st Century Mantras

so many people to thank:  Grandview Fire Department, The Education Foundation, Mr. Culp, Mrs. Ullumn and Mr. Alter

here is a link to some of our press coverage



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