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Wet Felting at the Grandview Hop – Summer 2019

We have run wet felting workshops at the Grandview Hop this summer. They were a big success for all ages. The felt balls everyone made are being turned into a community garland, so keep a lookout for it at the Library and the Rec Center.

Visual Artist – Deborah Brod – September 2018

Each residency is a journey. The energy and momentum that build from beginning to end of a residency can be joyous and empowering to everyone. I like helping people expand their view of what art can be, and what each person can do. My background is in painting and I particulary enjoy combining painting with the physicality of three-dimensional media. Materials from the community and its surroundings — wood from attics and lumberyards, driftwood from the Ohio River, etc. — are inspiring: they carry something of the lives of the people who used them, the energy of a place. I’m concerned with the materials used to make art in terms of their impact on the environment, and through recycling we can also explore alternative art materials, processes, and ideas. I like tapping into what is meaningful to people, and offering them materials and techniques with which to express themselves. Often, all our efforts are combined in a permanent installation to which everyone has contributed, expressing each person’s particular energy and yet coherently combining all. I would like to do more work with people of all ages to help them realize art’s liberating and therapeutic benefits.

all our projects are supported by the

Threads of connectedness
with Mrs. Page (RLS 3rd Grade teacher) and Ernie Parke (OSU Steam Outreach scholar)
August 13th – September 11th

This project was created by parents and children collaboratively, at the ice cream social in August.   Using thin fibre optic cables to represent connections, our awareness of important topics like; kindness, being an upstander, diversity and difference will be explored.  We have designed the process to be intentionally thought provoking.  The installation looks especially interesting in the dark when the fibre optics carry light.  Tiny computers allow Mrs. Page’s students to control the light from their classroom.

fibre optics at RLS

fibre optics against the sky

buffalo drums

Our drum project was made in collaboratin with Eric ‘the Fish’ Paton, Head of World Music at Capital University, we were generously sponsored by Fortin’s Ironworks and Research Alloys.  How lucky we are to have wonderful articles written about us in This Weeks News and The Columbus Dispatch.

Eric Paton 5columns drum installation

Producers: Jenna Keller, Sophia Koester and Caleb Reyna (Class of 2018 students).

Found Poetry with Amy Greenberg

Thank you, Alan Froman, for the latest article about our project in This Week was delighted to work with Amy Greenberg for our project that involved ‘found’ poetry.  Everyone at Stevenson has written a poem (or several). The poems were printed on to a banner which was displayed outside RLS until mid April.

Invisible Ink with Kate Gorman

The weather has stolen our ink but the installation looks even more beautiful in the snow.

This Week News article about the “Invisible Inks” project with Kate Gorman

Our current artist in residence is local contemporary quilt maker Kate Gorman

Many thanks to everyone involved in our latest project launch
on Monday November, 13th

 The Grandview Boy Scouts made slingshots for us to use.  We filled water balloons with the street foraged inks (see below).  The balloons of pure color were fired at sheets of unbleached cotton, to make beautiful bursts of pigment.

Kate Gorman has worked with RLS puplis to turn this dyed fabric into a wonderful installation of bunting for the columns.  We are called this the ‘Invisible ink’ project because we had a hunch that the weather would steal our ink before the project changes in February!

colour spectrum produced by different ingredients

some of the inks were used by RLS students to create trading cards

Science Day – November 4th 2017

these colours were all made by altering the pH level of red cabbage ink

RLS students spent the day exploring the world of science. Parents and guests instructed small groups of young scientists in a wide variety of topics.  We are collaborating with the Science Day team to find out more about how pH levels effect the colours of our street harvested inks.

Amy Greenberg’s 21st Century Mantras
This Week News Article

Members of the Grandview Fire Department, Councillor Emily Keeler, Principal Angela Ullum, GHMCEF President Jeff Greer
5columns representative Henrietta Cartwright, Superintendant Andy Culp and 21st Century Learning Coach Marc Alter

Graffiti artists who couldn’t wait for the launch date!

A great big thank you to Ketchup and the Look Out Shop for conspring with us to pop this project up overnight in Summer 2017

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