future projects

Debbie Brod project with Mrs. Bova – September (RLS Art teacher) – September 14th

Debbie is a fine artist from Cincinnati.  Her collaboration with Stevenson students will generate  a public art installation using ‘upcycled’ local materials.  She believes that things from the community and its surroundings are inspiring:  they carry something of the lives of the people who used them, the energy of a place The artist has a passion to expand our view of what art can be, and what we can achieve collectively. 

Amy Rich project with Mrs. Doran – November (RLS Guidance Counselor) – November 30th

Amy is a visual artist from Indiana who works primarily with fabrics and found objects. She has a background in sculpture but also draws from a childhood spent making things with scraps from her Mom’s sewing projects. She loves to share this joy of creation with her students, especially by building things that use fabric as a simple, versatile, and forgiving material.  Her collaboration with students at RLS will produce figurative sculptures that are intended to explore the connections between materials, the sense of self, craft and contemporary fine art.

Rick Goehring project with Mr. Petit (RLS Music teacher) – February 2019

Rick is a furniture maker and a banjo player. This project will bring both these skills together in the creation of musical benches for the columns.  His goal is to inspire an appreciation of traditional art forms and the traditional art process. In this residency he will share his techniques and describe how traditional processes informs and inspires his work. This sharing includes elements of history, cultural diversity, creative expression and an exploration of traditional arts.

Nancy Kangas – Nouns, Verb, Adjectively project with Mrs. Jump – April 2019

In this highly interactive residency, Columbus native, Nancy Kangas comes to Grandview.  She aims to engage RLS students in the rambunctious process of writing — from the often difficult beginnings of trying to pick apart a knot of something intriguing or troubling, through the white-water-rafting thrill of rough draft writing, to the intense play of revision, in which we fatten up, trim down, and turn our work inside out until it rings true. Because she believes exposure to excellent writing gives us inspiration and direction, she shares a wide range of writing, created by young as well as experienced artists.  She wants us all to feel the impact of a metaphor and the necessity of strong imagery. 

We are planning to work with the OSU STEM Exploration and Engagement program in 2018

we are hoping to turn the installation into STE(A)M
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

Students from this program explore possible careers and engage within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields through mentoring, tutoring, and local community outreach programs. 

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