Grandview Heights public art project

“Living in other places around Ohio then coming Grandview I haven’t seen such an amazing caring history and culture. A lot of that is the artwork that makes the city the way it is. The 5 columns with this artwork display is adding to the growing culture of Grandview. They are replenishing the already flourishing town that is Grandview. I hope that things like this keep up and keep going, maybe even make other towns adapt these things too.”

Austin Wilson.  Grandview High School, Grade 10

Amy Rich creature 1

 We source talented artists to take up residence in Grandview Schools.  Every few months, they will collaborate with pupils and create exciting installations to work on the columns outside Stevenson Elementary.  Except, in November, 1st Grade refused to surrender the creatures they made with Amy Rich.  Click here to read an article all about our tiny rebellion.

Our mission is to bring unexpected and interactive art into the community and beyond.

Visual Artist from Indiana – Amy Rich – November 2018

I am a visual artist who works primarily with fabrics and found objects. I have a background in sculpture but also draw from a childhood spent making things with scraps from my mom’s sewing projects. I love to share this joy of creation with my students, especially by building things that use fabric as a simple, versatile, and forgiving material. Through my residencies, I hope to provide my students with a personal connection between themselves, their materials, traditional arts, and contemporary fine art. Residency projects could range from quilts or figurative sculptures to other forms of fiber-based sculpture and could include group projects or individual pieces. I am interested in both school- and community-based residencies and enjoy working with any range of ages from preschoolers through adults. My ideas are adaptable to the needs and interests of the individual site and can tie into school curriculums and academic content standards. In one recent project, students created small, non-traditional quilts. In another, students designed their own fabric then used it to create figurative sculptures.

Amy Rich creature 2

Much of my art takes the form of quilt-like wall hangings and doll-like figures. I create these sculptures from fabric and objects that I collect from thrift stores, auctions, yard sales, attics, closets, gutters, and nature. These materials carry with them memories of what they once were, where they have come from, and who has touched them. My processes have links to quilting, embroidery, clothing construction, and doll making but extend these techniques in new directions. My art is a way to bring together traces of people, including myself, in an effort to sort through what’s been left behind, to visualize the complexities of life, and to find new stories to share.

I received a BA in studio art and English (with a writing concentration) from Kenyon College in 1997. Since then, I have worked as an artist in residence and teaching artist for several different organizations where I’ve learned from and have been inspired by my students. I continue to create art and exhibit it nationally. In 2006 I received a MA in art education from the University of Cincinnati. I’ve received arts grants from the Indiana Arts Commission and the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo.

as we found the columns, before the Mayor of Grandview donated them

the columns before installation

the day the columns were installed at Stevenson Elementary

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