Grandview Heights ArtWalk

“Living in other places around Ohio then coming Grandview I haven’t seen such an amazing caring history and culture. A lot of that is the artwork that makes the city the way it is. The 5 columns with this artwork display is adding to the growing culture of Grandview. They are replenishing the already flourishing town that is Grandview. I hope that things like this keep up and keep going, maybe even make other towns adapt these things too.”

Austin Wilson.  Grandview High School, Grade 10

Grandview Hop Graffiti

Ketchup spraying snow plow
Graffiti Artist Ketchup
Collin Sauer graffiti snow plow
Local children use new skills to spray the City snow plow

Salamander ArtWalk, Summer 2019

Dentist salamander

Our mission is to bring unexpected and interactive art into the community and beyond.

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